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The Joeys Emblem is a registered trademark of Joeys Clothing Co. LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Our Purpose

Remember: Each shirt you buy saves 400 gallons of water AND half of all profits go to family shelters featured on our Shelters page. Beech Trees are four times as efficient as cotton and use a sustainable amount of water from the environment.*


Oh, and it's all made in the United States, right in the center of downtown Los Angeles.

*contact us to learn more about the benefits of our modal fabric


Our Mission

A baby Joey kangaroo is completely dependent on its mother's pouch for warmth, food and shelter. Without the pouch, Joeys simply could not survive. Our emblem symbolizes what Joeys Clothing Co. aims to accomplish: give half our profits to warm, feed and shelter those that need it most.

We run our business using the Triple Bottom Line. With this approach, we take into account environmental impact, social effect and profit into every decision that we make. Basically, we want it all. And why not? By only using sustainably made, high quality materials, you know that each Joeys garment your child wears not only helps other local families to thrive but also illustrates a much needed responsibility to our planet’s future. 

Our Products

Soft as silk; Environmentally Conscious; Modal fabric offers our Clothing Co. a perfect material to not only create incredibly comfortable clothing but also strengthen our promise to care about environmental impact.

We use fabric woven from the bark of Beech Trees

(a sustainable, resource-efficient, alternative to cotton).

Water Conscious: The Beech Tree needs 10-20 times less water than Cotton from start to finish including 0 artificial irrigation (sustainable). 

CO2 Reabsorption: Over its 30 years of maturation, Beech Trees serve as huge CO2 removers and reservoirs, which helps to offset emissions during its processing. But don't worry, we source our fabric from a CO2 neutral factory.

Beech Bark uses only 1 lb. of raw material to make a t-shirt. Cotton, on the other hand, uses 400 gallons of water and 4 lbs. of raw material per t-shirt made.